emPSN provide secure internet connections and application services for schools and public organisations in the East Midlands.

School-specific level of safeguarding

Our standard connectivity packages include two managed and secure global standard firewalls and 24/7/365 monitoring and support from an OJEU-compliant connectivity framework.

Safe and secure connectivity

The emPSN network utilises the Janet (JISC) network to provide our secure and resilient high capacity connections to the global internet providing your school with a safe and secure digital work and learning environment that you can rely on.

Enabling collaborative teaching and learning

Our network can enable schools to construct private networks for different users. We can support Multi Academy Trusts and public sector organisations so that they are able to connect with several sites without ever having to access the public internet.

24/7 monitoring

The emPSN network is managed on our behalf by KCOM. There is a national Network Operations Centre which monitors the network 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Any connectivity network failures, right down to the router in your school, is alarmed in the Data Centre enabling faults to be detected and rectified quickly.

Peace of mind with resilient links

We can offer resilient options, such as a secondary FTTC connection, from as little as £415 per year.

Trusted service providers

We work with a catalogue of trusted service providers to provide a comprehensive suite of services including filtering, anti-virus, malware, SIMS, Office 365, VoIP, SSL certificates and more.

More than an internet connection

emPSN offers all its schools valuable teaching and learning resources like free access to British Pathé Education, Audio Network, Listening Books and additional materials available through the National Education Network.


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