Find out the benefits of being a part of NEN and how to join


NEN – The Education Network members work collaboratively with the primary goals to provide value for money, impartial expert advice and help drive the use of technology in transforming learning in schools across the country. Our national scale helps us avoid overlap and duplication, preventing unnecessary expense.

NEN – The Education Network has an impact as act as a national advocate and point of contact for all the members with key national bodies such as DfE, DCMS, NCSC (part of GCHQ) and JISC. In 2018, NEN successfully helped deliver a pilot project with DfE and DCMS, upgrading ‘hard to reach’ schools to full fibre connections as part of the LFFN programme.

Members of NEN – The Education Network (schools and Local Authorities) are able to:

  • Access all NEN copyrighted resources, information on which can be found in our ‘resources’ section
  • Access bulk national licenses such as AudioNetwork
  • Connect directly to the JANET network which provides:
    • Direct peering with all major online providers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, BBC, NetFlix and Dropbox. This means traffic from a connected school will not go out on to the public Internet to reach these services.
    • Primary DNS service and resolver. The resolver service has in-built RPZ functionality, which mitigates the risk of user’s web requests being directed to compromised or dangerous web sites.
    • High capacity (500Gb/s), highly resilient (multiple locations, two providers) global Internet transit, for connectivity to all the sites you can’t reach via direct peerings.
    • Direct peerings with SIP telephony providers (Gamma, Simplecall, Redcentric, Daisy, Redstone)
    • Cyber security services such as penetration testing, Phishing training and simulation (some services are chargeable) Full list can be found here:
    • Sites connected to JANET have a high level of protection against cyber security attacks trying to access via the network e.g. DDoS attacks. This is managed by the JISC CSIRT team. More information can be found here.
    • The ability to purchase SSL certificates at a reduced price, saving schools hundreds of pounds. Contact your RBC for details.
    • The use of national procurement Frameworks in areas such connectivity, cyber security, cloud and data analytics. Full details of the Frameworks available can be found here
    • The ability to be a member/user of UK Access Management Federation (UKAMF) that provides a secure single sign on service.
    • Access to pilot projects developed by expert teams within JANET.
    • Access to services developed by JISC such as Eduroam and Govroam.
  • Receive support and advice through our national networks in areas of technical strategy, teaching and learning, and safeguarding
  • Attend all events including our annual conference at a reduced rate

If you are a Local Authority that is not a member of NEN – The Education Network but are interested in membership, please complete the ‘contact form’ and someone will be in touch.