Help ‘Bridge the Divide’ with devices

During this terrible crisis a number of schools and Councils asked LGfL to help them respond effectively to rising technology costs caused by device shortages, inequality of equipment provision and disruption to the education of children. Whilst we do not normally provide classroom equipment, we decided that we could not stand idly whilst schools were under such pressure. Our charitable mission is, after all, the advancement of education.

“Bridge the Divide” is a huge national procurement, led by LGfL, for up to 2 million Chromebooks, Winbooks and iPads. By procuring at a massive and unprecedented scale, we are saving schools millions of pounds and increasing access to devices and technology for children, including those that are disadvantaged. The response so far has been inspiring. Please help us #BridgeTheDivide so we can make the biggest (& cheapest) ever device purchase ever for children. #Kit2Kids

Full information and pricing can be found here