Online safety September Blog 30th September 2021

With start of the new academic year now in full swing, we hope that our new Online safety blog will save staff lots of time and effort by highlighting great resources that our community find useful. And hopefully, you will too!


We know many schools will be reviewing policies and participating in staff training, we thought would focus on a few resources that look at this.


Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 is now live and replaces last year’s version. There have been some key changes that all schools need to be aware of, especially in light of the of COVID and the OFSTED review into sexual abuse in schools and colleges.


Both these resources review the latest changes to the online elements of KCSIE 2021


  • The Education People have gone through KSCIE 2021 and highlighted the changes and actions that need to be addresses in light of the online elements of the statutory guidance. The main audience is DSL and school leaders. Online Safety within KCSIE 2021


  • The Digisafe team at LGfL have updated their 2020 KCSiE Translate resource so that it now reflects the new 2021 changes. All staff are required to read and understand part 1 and Annex A of KCSiE but what do you do if some staff have English as an additional language? LGfL has translated part 1 and Annex A into 12 different languages to help with this issue.


LGfL has also just updated all the policies, which are free to use. Have a look here