Renewing your MIS contract Advice 2nd December 2021

If your MIS contract is coming to an end, it is very tempting to simply extend the existing contract. We have even heard that some suppliers are putting pressure on schools to do this without due regard for proper legal procurement processes. Procurement law exists to ensure that public bodies, such as schools, spend public funds wisely and obtain good value for money. Your school, academy or local authority will have financial regulations in place. These regulations ensure that when you buy goods or services for your school or academy you do not breach UK or EU procurement law. They also tell you under which circumstances you can:

  • buy a product or service ‘off the shelf’
  • should buy under a framework agreement
  • need to get at least 3 competitive quotes
  • when to advertise a contract and run a buying process
  • when you must run a EU compliment tender process

The lifetime monetary value of a contract, including all additional paid for services such as training and support, is usually what determines what kind of procurement process you must run.Your school’s MIS contract value is unlikely to be low enough for you to get away with simply extending the contract for another 3 years. Even if you are very close to the end of your contract and can’t possibly manage without the service in place, you must follow procurement law. You can even buy the same product that you have had before but you must follow proper procurement procedures.

Fortunately, you can buy school MIS quickly, easily and in full compliance with the law by procuring via a framework agreement that is recognised and recommended by the DfE such as Everything ICT or G-Cloud 12.

Schools may find this article from TES (23rd November 2021)  useful regarding ESS-SIMS contract update.