One of the membership benefits of NEN is the access to high quality teaching and learning resources. Nearly all have been developed and/or funded by members of NEN and in some cases charities or key partners have been involved. A few have been developed by key agencies and chosen due to their relevance to our work with schools.

Some of them are open access for anyone to use. Others, marked by ‘NEN only’, are only licensed for schools that are with a local authority that is a member of their local Regional Broadband Consortium and subsequently members of NEN-the Education Network. These resources must be accessed from within your school network, so we can validate the license. If you are trying to access an NEN resource (and are part of one of the member RBC) but are not having any luck, please contact us on [email protected]

To search our collection of resources please use the search facility below or scroll through the collection.


New Arrivals – Online Background Collation Tool

When children and young people who have recently arrived from abroad enrol at a new school, it is critical to…


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