Northern Grid for Learning

ngfl logo 1Northern Grid is a small team of hard-working individuals who save money and provide support for teachers, local authorities and other public organisations within the North East region of England and beyond. We’re a non-profit organisation too so we’ve always got your best interests at heart.

One of the main ways we do this is by facilitating regional procurement. A perfect example is our recent broadband procurement – acquiring state-of-the-art, fit-for-education broadband for a fraction of the price of commercial offerings.

Northern Grid’s specialism is bespoke training and support to meet the needs of all members of your school or organisation.

Safeguarding and digital citizenship are broad and complex themes to address within single training sessions and this is why we encourage you to discuss with us the format and content of each of your sessions and support requirements.

Our aim is to help you nurture responsible, confident, creative and safe digital citizens and offer a range of support around digital literacy, IPR, copyright, online publishing including multi media blogging for students and teachers. 


Find out more at the Northern Grid website