glow logo 1Glow, providing services through Education Scotland to schools across Scotland, can be accessed from anywhere at any time – in school, at home or on the move, by anyone who has a password. Access to Glow is password protected; the Glow password is an important feature and automatically connects the user with appropriate materials and resources.

The Glow environment for learning supports Curriculum for Excellence:

For educators:

  • A tool to access and develop high quality, relevant learning content
  • A space for collaboration and interaction with other educators across Scotland
  • A way to access files and materials anywhere, anytime using different devices
  • A facility to build learning resources for classes and pupils

For learners:

  • A tool to access the benefits of the internet and a range of online resources and services via one log-in
  • A space for collaborating with other learners
  • A facility to connect with teachers about assignments and learning
  • A space to create and innovate as you learn



Find out more at the Glow website